Using Science to Enhance Sleep


You know the importance of sleep, and you try your best to make it happen. Going to bed earlier. Staying in bed even though you're still awake. Taking naps during the day to catch up. Practicing sleep hygiene. You've done it all. Somehow, though, your sleep keeps getting worse. What's there left to do?

As you probably know, if you are not getting enough sleep, you are not functioning at your optimal level. What you may not know is that the above techniques - which seem reasonable enough - actually make sleep problems worse. Fortunately, straightforward and effective treatment is available that can teach you what to do instead.


Drawing from cognitive behavioural therapy, the latest research in sleep science, and an empirically validated five-session protocol, treatment for insomnia involves learning skills, debunking common sleep myths, and putting this new knowledge into practice. Sleep treatment is even effective at alleviating and preventing symptoms of depression without specifically treating those symptoms.

If you are struggling with insomnia, I can teach you effective, evidenced-based strategies so that you can get the rest you deserve.