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About Services

Providing specialized and comprehensive psychological services for both assessments (testing and evaluation) and counselling/treatment:


Assessments available for Trauma/PTSD, Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs), IMEs, Veterans, Substance Use, Intellectual/IQ, Neuropsychological, Vocational, Personality, and Mental Health. Offering comprehensive reports and individualized recommendations tailored to your needs, areas of focus might include cognitive and emotional functioning following concussion/brain injury, the impact of stress or recent injury on learning or work performance, substance use risk, vocational guidance, pinpointing learning or attention difficulties (and what to do about them), determining giftedness, or providing psychological information relevant to court and civil litigation procedures.

Treatment services use a direct and active approach, providing targeted interventions for addictions and other concerns related to unwanted urges (e.g., smoking, binge eating, bulimia, anger management), anxiety/stress, trauma, and chronic pain, as well maximizing performance in work, school, or athletics. Interventions primarily draw from a specific form of EMDR and Mindfulness to facilitate motivation enhancement and may also incorporate CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, and/or Nutritional Psychology. Another area of specialty is teaching cognitive behavioural skills to overcome insomnia (no pills or gadgets required). Sessions focus on education, skill development, and experiential research-based techniques that accelerate innate capacity for change.

Whether providing assessments or treatment, all services are approached from a strengths-based perspective to maximize functioning and improve quality of life. Conveniently located in Kingsway Mall (third floor) and featuring ample free parking, onsite LRT/public transit, and wheelchair accessibility. 

Specializing in Psychological Assessment, Treatment, and Insomnia


What is a Psychological Assessment?

A psychological assessment is an information gathering process that provides insight into a person's unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses, offering suggestions on how to maximize personal outcome. It can help determine a diagnosis, intellectual giftedness, the extent of personal injury, eligibility for funding, return-to-work status, and more. An assessment includes both  interviewing and psychological testing.


Introduction to Treatment and Enhancing Motivation

We all know the experience of wanting to do less of one thing, and more of another. And feeling that other part of our self that wants to just keep doing more of the same - because it feels good, because it's easier, because why not? It's almost like we have two minds inside us. One says, "It's time to make a change, I can do this." The other automatically responds, "But it's too much effort" or "It's not really that bad..."


You know the importance of sleep, and you try your best to make it happen. Going to bed earlier. Staying in bed even though you're still awake. Taking naps during the day to catch up. Practicing sleep hygiene. You've done it all. Somehow, though, your sleep keeps getting worse. What's there left to do?